How to use this FTZ Risk Assessment tool

This FTZ Risk Assessment tool provides:

  • A risk assessment template;
  • A list of data sources; and
  • Examples of using the assessment template.

In order to use the tool, please refer to the risk assessment template, which contains the following categories:

Category Function
Risk factors:

Common factors indicative of the likelihood of an FTZ being used for crime.

Available points:

Each of the risk factors is worth three points, which range from 1 (low risk) to 3 (high risk). Most of the risk factors are relevant to both financial and transport sectors. However, some risk factors are not relevant to the transport sector and therefore worth 0 points for it.

How to rate:

An explanation of how to decide how many points to assign to a risk factor.

Suggested sources:

A list of data sources that the user may find helpful in rating risk factors. You can find a more complete description of data sources in ‘Data sources’.

Default rating:

A suggested default rating in case no relevant information is available.


A free-text box for any comments you wish to make for your own records as you undertake the risk assessment.

When you use this FTZ Risk Assessment tool you will be able rate each risk factor based on your organisation’s or your own experience and the information provided in the suggested data sources.

The FTZ Risk Assessment tool adds together the ratings assigned to each risk factor to produce an overall rating of high, medium or low risk. This rating will be generated and displayed automatically once you rate all the risk factors.

There is an option to download a PDF of the complete risk assessment and save it or print it out.

The information you enter is not recorded or stored on this website.

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